Flood Pathways

This section looks at the way in which water flows from the flood sources, through the city, and out again. 

The current iteration is largely informed by an open source hydrologic/hydraulic model named ANUGA. This numerical model takes data such as 

and produces maps to show outputs like:

and many more similar outputs that may inform flood management decisions for a particular area or problem. 

The source code for Chennai's ANUGA model is stored in the open GitHub repository here: https://github.com/Hydrata/ChennaiFloodModel/blob/master/runChennai.py. Modellers from around the world are invited to review and improve the code by submitting to this repository. 

The outputs from the model are automatically updated as the model changes, and the latest model results shown here. 

Please note that the model results are currently not suitable for any purpose - the model lacks accurate rainfall and terrain data. As these data sources become available, they can be incorporated in the open model and the results will improve. 

Results are not currently suitable for any use. The purpose of this map is to allow hydraulic modelers to view the model results and improve the model. Nothing more. Don't even think about it.